Help Me Stop My Forclosure Now!

Liberty Can Help Before it's too Late

Have you received notice?
Bank calling?
Liberty can help!

As you probably know, the federal foreclosure ban has ended leaving millions of Americans in danger of losing their homes.

Most foreclosure assistance is disappearing for the average home owner. Don’t let your equity disappear in a foreclosure. 

There is likely still time and Liberty Hone Buyers has the experience to help get you back on track.

If you are in mortgage forbearance, behind on payments, or in pre-foreclosure there is a good chance you would like to sell your property and move on.  Liberty would like to help and we can get you a free, quick assessment of your options,  You may even be able to stop your foreclosure and get back equity in your home.

Contact us Today!  We are local in Central Texas & Killeen & will do our best to make you a cash offer & even buy your home “as-is” with no cleaning or repairs.

Stop My Texas Foreclosure!

What if my House is Underwater? What About Short Sales?

An underwater mortgage means that you owe more than the house is worth.  In all honesty, the options for an underwater property are pretty limited.  We have a special company we work with to try and help you if short sale is an option.  We also have a few other options depending on your needs.  Luckily, all of our consultation is free and we are happy to help!