We Buy Houses Can Help! (Part 1)

If you need to sell your house fast in Killeen, Temple, Copperas Cove, Harker heights or pretty much anywhere in Central Texas we would love to help.  With Liberty Home Buyers you do not have to wait for a listing or an agent to list it or try “for sale by owner”.  We buy houses Killeen and mobile homes all over the Bell County area. We pay cash for houses as is with no repairs and we close as soon as possible if that’s what you want.  Plus, we always use a title company unlike some of our competitors.

Although there are tons of unique situations, this post will cover the majority of the different house buying situations that we specialize in.

You Inherited a House

We buy houses that have been inherited under all sorts of circumstances.  Often times a child or sibling out of state will inherit a house and have difficulty getting to Texas to try and get it sold.  We can help you deal with all of the issues… repairs, lawn care, emptying the property, probate, mortgage, you name it.

Whether you inherited a house though probate court or other less common ways, we’re interested in buying it. Inherited houses come with taxes, repairs and a houseful of extra stress. Why not get cash for your extra house and lose the headache?

The House Needs Lots of Repairs and You Don’t Want to Deal With It?

Repair costs can add up quickly, particularly things like roofs, A/C, foundation, termites, etc.  Sometimes a major repair can snowball in to other issues and before you know it a leaky roof means drywall damage or a window that won’t seal leads to mold.  Frequently folks we work with just don’t want to take months and invest thousands of dollars to sell a house that needs repairs.

Bottom line, a lot of times the repairs get to a point where most people can’t deal with it and we are happy to help.  We can by most houses in as is condition, even if the repairs are extreme.  It’s really one of the more common things we do so don’t think your situation is beyond help, we actually prefer repairs!

Going Through a Divorce?

Divorce sucks, no doubt about it (trust me, I know!).  What to do with a home can be one of the more difficult things to work out as there is a lot of money and emotion tied up in it.  Sometimes it’s best to try to sell the home and get a clean start.  Often one person will end up with the house and then quickly realize it’s too much for just work and expense to handle alone.  Don’t wait until you are going to lose the home. there are quite a few options depending on what you need so give us a call to discuss.  And if you just need to get it done quick to get on with your life we buy with cash and can make it happen.

FYI, here is a list of divorce resources we put together that might be useful, hope it helps!

This post concludes in part 2 here

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